Guerrilla Gravity Bikes and Mocean365

Super excited to announce we are working with Guerrilla Gravity, a RAD company based in Denver. I am part of their BAMF program which stands for “brand ambassador and motivated free seller”. Spread the love, make mountain biking more awesome you know.
Meg will be saving her pennies to come aboard their new girl specific program too.
They currently make 2 models right in house in Colorado. The one I got is the Mega Trail..a huge shout out tribute to metal icons, MegaDeath! The other is a DH specific bike called the GG. (SHOUT OUT TO GG ALLIN)
The MegaTrail is designed to be good for all mountain trails all the way to bike park slaying and everything in between. So is!

Big changes for me all at once..27.5 wheels, tubeless, air shocks and Wide I’m changing!


They offer custom geometry too and very customizable parts kits. You can still get the frame in 26″ too for you diehards! They are mostly selling direct at the moment and have their own brick and mortar retail space.


The bigger wheels have taken me a moment to adjust to after years and years on 26’s but they are very fast and roll very well. Air shocks take some time to setup but the versatility is worth it. Speaking of versatile..this ripper has 4 different travel/geometry modes that you can change with a quick turn of the shock mounting bolts. You can find time your setup around the terrain. This ability is a game changer for me. We use to do this with our Sinister Bikes and it’s such a nice feature. Going pedalling in the backcountry? Put it into Trail Mode. Heading to the bike park? Slap her into Gravity Mode and etc.


Will be testing and abusing and doing an official test as time goes. So far it has been great! Hit me up if you want to try one out. Go check Guerrilla Gravity out at


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