The Vermonster Obstacle Challenge goes off!

We were stoked to build and design a course for the Vermonster Challenge, a 2 day fitness and movement festival held for the first time this August 25-26 in Berlin Vt.The event was held in The FitPark at The Confluence/Green Mountain Crossfit, a facility where I lead some outdoor programming and Meg does nutritional counseling out of. I had built some pump tracks for them at both this location and the previous one and had helped build some movement elements in The FitPark so was pretty stoked when they accepted my idea to have a obstacle race there.

Put in some really cool elements and really focused on making the course flow. We logged out lots of the materials from the owners of the facilities land and used many reclaimed materials as well and worked with a first year event kind of budget. Judging from the response, it was a success. I took a little video the morning of the event then Meg got some video during a couple of the heats while I emceed the festivities. Here is a video we put together for you to check out if you get a chance. Not quite The Spartan Race but we plan on making it bigger and better next year.

Just wanted to thank all of the great volunteers, sponsors and vendors and competitors that made this a great event as well, MAHALOS!!!

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