The Vermonster Challenge August 25-26th

Really stoked to be announcing that Mocean365 is the course designer and organizer for the Sunday Obstacle Challenge at The Vermonster Challenge. 

Join Mocean365 at The Confluence FitPark for the Obstacle Challenge during this exciting weekend. The course design crew is  busy plotting, planning and designing a course that will be fun and challenging for all abilities as well as very spectator friendly so you will have lots of encouragement! The course will feature an array of obstacles requiring you to climb, jump, run ,hike ,crawl, carry and maybe even claw your way to the finish. The challenge will be open to kids as well as a recreational and competitive class. Challenge other organizations or businesses for overall team standings as well as for bragging rights for the best overall team at The Vermonster Challenge.
We have some great sponsors on board and the course is shaping up real nicely. People like Kingdom Trails Association, Louis Garneu, Mocean Mate’, Vegetaball’s Farm Pesto, Lifemax, Muscles not Motors, Onion River Sports, Concept 2, Rock of Ages

We are also giving a portion of the proceeds to VMBA for their great work on mountain bike stewardship.

So want to sign up? head here..


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