Mocean365 to attend MovNat Certification Workshop

As a  trainer in today’s world you are expected to stay current and certified. For me over the years that has been through some pretty traditional fitness certification organizations. Most of them(98%) are inside and very traditional gym oriented and require no physical competency. This never made sense to me? How can you lead others in movement if you just study some materials and are not even judged on your own movement, teaching prowess and being able to think on your feet? So I have gone away from those options and focused on staying current with things like my Wilderness First Aid/CPR,  and Avalanche Training Level 1 and becoming an Exuberant Animal Trainer.There are really only a couple options if you are training outdoors, teaching full body and mind movement and lifestyle.








Another  option is called MovNat and  is very similar to my own teaching and should be a great compliment to my offerings at Mocean365. MovNat is a fitness system based entirely on using the full range of our natural human movement abilities such as walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, swimming, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and self-defense.  MovNat is for everyone, it is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence and conditioning for any area of life. The creator of MovNat, Erwan Le Corre and I talked a few years ago when he was just beginning about working together and it will be good to finally see that happen.


“To revolutionize physical education and fitness on a global scale by teaching a real-world physical competency and conditioning system, based on natural human movement skills, to support a lifetime of physical activity.”


Mocean365 will more than likely someday do its own certification process of trainers to teach the Mocean methods but until then will look for outlets that share the same beliefs as my own. So in November I will be going to a MovNat certification workshop and in the meantime I will be practicing my required physical competency movements. I look forward to implementing new material and knowledge into the pot of influences to continue to keep Mocean365 well rounded and fresh and have something for all abilities.

Here is a video to get the idea and see why I’ve chosen these guys.


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