Tiny Bike Home By Kevin Cyr.





We here at the Mocean Project are real big fans of simplistic living. Living in smaller spaces and spaces that are utilitarian in nature. Ideally portable because we’re nomads. Just came across this interesting concept on the Shelter Publications page on the god forsaken Facebook(fakebook) profiling the work of Kevin Cyr designer of the “Camper Bike”. This struck me as amazing on many levels.

Simple, light, portable and to me quite appealing to the eye. A cot for Meg and I and some food and bam, hit the road for a rocking surf trip. Guess a tandem might be more in order, ha ha ha!

This seems like it would be great in a place like Iceland or British Columbia or New Zealand?

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5 thoughts on “Tiny Bike Home By Kevin Cyr.

  1. this is indeed a very cool idea and we are seriously developing something along this line. Be sure to check out our web site at:

    We have two bicycle mini camper designs in the works and we are currently working on trying to raise funds through our IndieGoGo campaign to make the first prototype. Help us out and we can make this dream a reality:

      1. Thanks, we being quite the avid cyclist REALLY want these badly and no doubt there are others who probably feel the same way. If we can get enough funding through our Indiegogo campaign page then we can get the prototype built which will be the first step before production 😀

      2. Thanks. we being quite the avid cyclist ourselves really want these and we feel there are no doubt many others too. If we can get the funding we need through our Indiegogo campaign then we can get the prototype built which will be the first step towards production. 😀

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