Gettin after it! Some shots from recent adventures.

We have gotten pretty fired up lately at the Mocean Project. hell the other day we decided to walk to a mountain and hike it. turned out to be a 19 mile journey so the feet are a little sore but it was well worth it!

We’ve also been out poking around in the woods and searching for good rideable snow. found some goods in a chute the other day that was pretty fun and saw the 10th mtn division doing some avalanche training. pretty cool buggy!

We’ve also been heading to a spot and boot backing in a run that is shaping up pretty sweet.

And yesterday was pretty fun. I had my eye on this little zone that reminded me of a wave and since the waves have been non existent lately due to the lack of storms, i sent some snow Meg’s way in homage to mama ocean while she sleeps. Check out the sequence below that Meg got of me, POW!

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