The Shovel experiment at The Mocean Project

So we are currently caretaking for two properties, and one is right in the heart of snow country and has a long sloping dirt driveway that is about 150 feet long. Last year our plowing bill here was upwards of $400. that is a lot of money and its a lot of potential movement thats good for the body that we can’t get back. So…this year things are destined to change.

Today I went out and bought a Garant Snow Sleigh for $45 that I’m convinced that will not only replace the need for plows at this property but also at the other property we caretake that has a shorter but still good size driveway.

What the hell?! I mean growing up thats the way it was until we got a tractor but we still had to install chains and get all of the hard to reach spots which often took hours and yup, made us stronger!


So the experiment is on! Plus I’ll take one for the team and review the Poly sleigh shovel 22″ with wear strip, steel handle for everyone to see how it holds up. Its even made in Canada..gasp..not China!! Todays undertaking went very well but we shall see.




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