What’s your excuse? Live Life Alive!

We all either battle or have battled adversity and it is often what truly brings us to a new level of living life alive. Just read the story of Derek Rabelo over on The Inertia website which is a great site that I’ve been contributing some content to. You could check the video and storyContinue reading “What’s your excuse? Live Life Alive!”

Tiny Bike Home By Kevin Cyr.

        We here at the Mocean Project are real big fans of simplistic living. Living in smaller spaces and spaces that are utilitarian in nature. Ideally portable because we’re nomads. Just came across this interesting concept on the Shelter Publications page on the god forsaken Facebook(fakebook) profiling the work of Kevin Cyr designer ofContinue reading “Tiny Bike Home By Kevin Cyr.”

The Mocean Project has a new logo!

So The Mocean Project has a new logo that was done by ElyseNoelle Designs. Elyse listened to our vision and went right out and nailed it! If you need any design work you should really give her a shout. Super easy to work with and very motivated and really understands even our vague wishes. RockContinue reading “The Mocean Project has a new logo!”

Jay Nelson, surfing artist and craftsman making the most of space.

Gonna keep this theme going this week. Why? Well having a smaller living footprint often equals more freedom. Freedom to move, be outside and be doing the things you love. It might allow you to travel more and get out and experience more of life’s wonderful adventures? Jay Nelson is an amazing artist and surfing craftsman whomContinue reading “Jay Nelson, surfing artist and craftsman making the most of space.”

Life under Water.

Just wanted to share a video of a guy really experimenting with what goes on under the water vs. on it. here is his story courtesy of the theinteria.com, a great surf blog where i am a contributor. Late night at Frothers from Mark Tipple on Vimeo.

Video- More ideas on how to move outside with whatever surrounding you have.

Below is a video showing how to move dynamically with a partner. Enjoy!