Movement Personified

Sometimes you see someone so in the flow that it baffles the mind. Alex Honnold is a rockclimber that prefers to climb without ropes. He does some of the hardest climbs in the world and is constantly setting records. Here is a fun video to try and get an idea of what some mastery ofContinue reading “Movement Personified”

Invest in YOU!

There are lots of people out there that are offering really amazing classes, seminars and courses that could change our lives forever! But in this world of the information overload, they often go overlooked. Its all right here at our finger tips and the reality is most of it really works IF we do theContinue reading “Invest in YOU!”

With out Risk there is little reward.

  You have it heard it before..probably too many times yet it still might not sink in. What we perceive as putting it on the line can become less and less of a focus in our lives. The quest for comfort, warmth and safety beckons us to take shelter from our fears. What if weContinue reading “With out Risk there is little reward.”