Use what you got, run whatcha brung!

Love to see the D.I.Y. ethos used so much these days. Think there is a strong connection to the 60’s and 70’s and people are really digging it and its great to see. This video has a chill vibe and really shows how to make something outta nothing! Enjoy and start your own projects today!Continue reading “Use what you got, run whatcha brung!”

Spread the stoke!

This morning went wrong right from the go. somehow the charger to the phone/alarm died in the night. maybe the mice were up to their shenanigans or the lady bugs got sick of us punting them around the house? at any rate, I had to miss my 6 am outdoor session up in Smugglers Notch, VT.Continue reading “Spread the stoke!”

Mocean365 3D Movement

When we think of our body in the terms of planes of movement, we quickly see that we basically move in three dimensions(3D). Most fitness or movement professionals recognize this(finally) and PT’s have been promoting this for years. So when we put together movement sessions, we try to incorporate more than just one plane ofContinue reading “Mocean365 3D Movement”

The Mocean project video-D.I.Y. Parallettes

Here is a new video we just made showing how we made and then experiment with Parallettes. Check it out and don’t forget to spread the word, “Follow” us if you want to and have the Best F-ing Year! peace