Mocean365 Movement Coaching

Join us for Human Movement Skills Coaching

Skye Nacel first began leading outdoor movement sessions in 1997 with Perpetual Motion..which later became PerpetualMocean and then evolved into its current state of Mocean365. Get into Mocean, 365 days a year.

A Movement Session with Mocean365 is an experience. Tapping into numerous modalities including somatics, functional and natural movement, various breathing protocals, martial arts/boxing, physical labor, physical therapy, kettlebells, steel maces, Yoga, Parkour, dance and many more ..ALL OUTSIDE.

Build new awareness and movement skills as you are challenged to become More Human.

Tailored to individual goals and levels of conditioning with a strong eye for biomechanics and always looking to Pre-Hab Not Rehab.

Sessions are available for individuals, small group as well as workshops and clinics which are offered throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest.

Select Slots open for Eugene and Cottage Grove region of OR  We work primarily in parks throughout the area each and every day. For individual sessions, we only take referrals or if you don’t have a referral, we can talk on the phone or in person to see if we will be a good fit.






Give us feedback good or bad we want to hear it!

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