The case for NOT going to the gym

Its amazing to me the amount of people i talk to who say “i want to move, but i do NOT want to go to the gym”.

“The gym”. As if its a place where all people have to go to “get fit”. and be stared at and to be forced to move in single planes of movement(mostly back and forth, robotic). And they for the most part are right. With the exceptions of some non traditional gyms, like some Crossfit type gyms or movement centers or climbing gyms etc., then most are pretty brutal.

I guess its “better than nothing” if you have to go there but its certainly NOT necessary by any means. It does not have to be where you go to “get fit” or in shape. You can do that anywhere, inside or out and don’t need a gym membership to do it.

Below is a video i made a year back when i visited one of the premier movement educators in the world, Frank Forencich. Frank runs a company called, “The Exuberant Animal” and I believe strongly in Franks writing and teachings. He is the author of some incredible books that closely analyze “the human predicament”. You know, “living in a sedentary world” which was the tagline for my old concept, Perptual Mocean which I began in 1998. It was “Movement in a Sedentary World”. Anyway back to Frank who has dedicated his adult life to researching and studying the hows, why and why nots of human locomotion. He will be referenced often here on theMoceanproject.

check out this video to see some of Franks work and other ways to move dynamically without the gym for sure.

The Mocean Project is live and running!


The Mocean Project was initially conceived in 2008 but the timing wasn’t right. The time is NOW! Meg and I are very excited to raise awareness mostly in the area of physical movement and making the most of our short lives. We live in a crazy world where obesity is now an epidemic, depression and stress are commonplace and attention spans are shorter than ever with all of the technology overload. This might sound negative but its reality. Why aren’t people more active? Why are most people not fueling their bodies properly? Why do so many people battle with lack of motivation and despondency? Well we don’t have all of the answers but we are setting out on a journey to try to find out and maybe inspire some people along the way.

Stay tuned for regular Mocean Project Experiments where we set a challenge for ourselves and a timeline to try it out and record our experience and maybe you will join us on the journey?

We will be collaborating with others along the way to help us on the journey and hopefully bringing these new skill sets and talents will be able to provide some inspiration for a wide range of people. Who knows. Sometimes the best plan is No plan at all..

We are planning some events where we offer physical movement, adventure and health related workshops, demo’s and the like which will hopefully have something for everyone. Imagine a melding of movement, music, creativity, do it yourself instruction, films all with an eye on creating as little of an environmental impact as possible.

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