The Mocean Project tests the GoPro HD Hero2 camera

So we all know its pretty fun to record and edit your own movies of your adventures right? And today there are heaps and heaps of option for POV(point of view) camera’s on the market. The technology has made it so they pack A LOT of tech into some really small packages.

Well we wanted to see what the hype was about and really wanted figure out how easy(or hard?) it was to use one of these suckers and then make a video. We choose to test the GoPro HD Hero2 camera that is relatively new on the market.

Now for the record I’ve used the standard GoPro camera’s in the past and honestly had very poor results. I think they were still in development? This new one already seems to be an amazing improvement!

So you can shoot in a bunch of different options with both video and photo modes. The camera shoots pretty sweet shots, so sweet in fact that the background on this very website right here was shot with it. Its an 11 MP camera and is really good at shooting WIDE angles.

The video mode shoots in full HD all the way down to standard format if you need to save some space on the memory card.

The biggest complaint with these camera’s in the past have been low and varying light performance. So you would have it on your head and come from a field brightly lit into the woods and it got dark and grainy. The optics in this new machine seems to have improved on that greatly as you will see in the video. Watch as i drive through the bridge then out the other side, and the camera adapted really easily to that.

Well  I could blah blah all day about the features but honestly I want to get back outside so I’ll wrap it up. I edited the footage on Windows Movie Maker just to see how easy it could be and it WAS! very easy though you first have to format the footage into AVI or something compatible. Sounds hard right? It wasn’t, just downloaded “Factory Format” and clicked a few buttons and it was done in a bit. After that over to Movie Maker and within an hour I had a video done.

So total time between of shooting and editing was under 2 hours, pretty painless. A monkey could do it cuz case in point, I did it and i’m pretty clueless.

Check it out below and see how you can mix up your angles and mounting to get a somewhat interesting timeline.

Gerry’s Story

Pic Courtesy of The Inertia

Skye calls him the Buddha of surfing.  As I begin to learn more about this Gerry Lopez and read more from him, I can see why.  He listens, he observes, he’s patient and he’s kind….at least that’s my interpretation of him from what I read and have seen, since we haven’t yet met him.

pic by Mocean365

A few years back he wrote a story, retelling his experience of a day of surf.  A day of surf involves many emotions, many highs and occasionally a low.  Gerry recounted this particular day quite exquisitely.  It is currently featured on The Inertia’s blog this week.  It speaks of  patience, a deep knowing, a sixth sense, a feeling, of a connection to something so powerful.  It speaks of following that feeling, and digging deep.  As one surfer-reader put it:  “we can each relate to the sometimes fear-inducing but always life-affirming aspects of the ocean.  This story embodies a pinnacle of surfing – its ability to make us push ourselves and (re)discover something about ourselves which we carry through life, often silently.”  I highly suggest reading the story! … The Big Score

pic by Mocean365

Out in the ocean, I am beginning to be keen to that sense….you have to listen and you have to listen over and over again.  You have to have your eyes wide open at all times.  Skye knows it well and has earned that sense.  He shares it with me which I am so grateful for, the experiences of others can help us along a new journey.   But you have to know your limits, you have to respect…like the kid in the story…there have been plenty of times when I can feel the ocean shifting under me, the swell building and I look at Skye across the water, knowing my limits and say, shout or gesture: “I’m out!  Mama ocean can change her mind in an instant.  As Gerry says “Poseidon had struck his trident into the sea and the storm exploded“.  It can happen that quick.  The ocean is an incredible force!  There is often a feeling that swells up inside with the swelling ocean.  It can leave your mind blank and your body alive…an incredible feeling!

Skye by E. Morse

Surfing has changed my life and continues to do so.  It is apart of Skye’s blood to the core and I am thankful that he has more often that not, been along with me on my journey.  I don’t think that ‘newness’ sensation will ever wear off and I love it…that is truly one of the things I seek with movement, with being in Mocean! Learning something new is a trip…try something you have always wanted to and dive in!!!!

pic by Mocean365

The Mocean project video-D.I.Y. Parallettes

Here is a new video we just made showing how we made and then experiment with Parallettes. Check it out and don’t forget to spread the word, “Follow” us if you want to and have the Best F-ing Year!


Surf and Snow

Here is a great video profiling more ways to get outside and move your body while having a blast. He melds surfing, skating and snowboarding very well. Enjoy it and go create your own adventure!

Forrest Shearer – InnerViews from on Vimeo.

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