Mocean365 to offer Broga Yoga in 2017

Meg and I are very excited to start our journey with the Broga Yoga team as we become certified to teach the system by mid winter 2017!


The Broga Yoga system is as you may have guessed, was initially geared towards a male audience but also for folks of all genders who want a great workout while doing yoga. Based on the Hatha and Vinyasa styles, Broga adds a fitness and high intensity component and skips on some of the traditional ceremonial elements of yoga practice.

We both feel this makes for an extremely user friendly experience and will ultimately expose more  people to the powerful benefits that yoga offers.  We will be looking to add this to the central Oregon region starting in the spring. Stay tuned for more info as we progress with the system and in the meantime go check them out here.

Ambassador lineup for 2017

We here at Mocean365 are proud to be ambassadors for some pretty rad companies for 2017.

First off we are back with the crew at Guerrilla Gravity. In fact, Skye is the ambassador program director and helps with all aspects of the program from selection of applicants to organization and etc. Skye and Meg also take their roles as ambassadors very seriously and 2016 was a stellar year from launching a new bike model to awesome events, to getting new people onboard and of  course the always awesome “GG Camping Weekend” in Moab with the crew. Hit us up if you want to schedule a demo or have any questions about the bikes that are of course, made right in Denver, Colorado. They have some BIG changes up their sleeves! See more here



Skye is also stoked to be back onboard with Besomebody! What an amazing platform of passion and stoke. This was a huge year for them from launching a new App to appearing on Shark Tank and relocation of their home base from Austin to Boston.  You can see more at their site or find them on your favorite social media. A passion platform..sounds good eh?!



We are also back with Achiva Native Energy and their amazing chia based food supplements. A great line of products that are geared for active and adventurous souls. They have some exciting things in the works so stay tuned! Check out their products here.



And we are very excited to announce a new partnership with Nuoptimal, makers of the amazing supplement, Optimal Force. Nuoptimal specializes in Nootropics which are becoming extremely well received by the science world and users worldwide. Here is a statement from their website below.

Our nootropic supplement  Optimal Force, improves overall cognitive function, memory, focus, and motivation levels in individuals. Nuoptimal is dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients in our nootropics, which have been strategically designed with the guidance of medical professionals to optimize different aspects of your mental and physical performance.

Check them out and see more about this exciting and upcoming company here.



Join us for the Movnat Instagram Challenge


Our friends at Movnat are once again doing a fresh New Year challenge via their Instagram Page beginning on January 9th. You can follow along and if you meet the criteria even win some pretty cool prizes. Here is an overview courtesy of their Instagram page..

016’s MovNat Challenge brought hundreds of people from all over the globe together to move, explore, and connect. We’ve decided to host another challenge, but this time it’s going to be led by 8 of MovNat’s certification instructors, including our founder Erwan Le Corre.


Beginning January 9th we’ll be hosting a special “Ground Movement” themed challenge right here on this page. We’re calling on all humans to join us in the pursuit of harnessing our fullest potential as capable beings and that includes getting down low to find our flow. All you need is an open mind and some space for your daily practice.


We here at Mocean365 will be rocking this..will you join us?! Head over to to their page and get more details here. If you are interested in learning Movnat hit us up!

Rock on!

Balanced Movement

Jump into your year!

Balance work has been a cornerstone of my own movement practice and incorporated into all of my professional work with clientele. It is overlooked in the modern fitness world in my opinion though due to the recent developments in neuroscience, it is seeing a bit of a renaissance.


I initially began experimenting with balance training in the 90’s when introduced to the made in Vermont,  Vew Do boards of some of my action sport junkie friends. It instantly made sense to me..this mimicked the feeling of action and adventure sport and seemed logical that it should be incorporated into the mix. While it had obvious crossover to sports like surfing and snowboarding, it also really made sense to bulletproof the body a bit and preparing for imminent falls and crashes. It also really made sense for the seasonal tradesman work that I’ve done for many years. Carrying heavy loads up ladders, balancing on a two by four on the second story while doing carpentry or staying strong and balanced on slippery terrain while running a chainsaw..these real life scenarios were even more dangerous than biking or surfing. Adopting balance work made me more prepared and less injury prone.  Logically it made for some interesting progressions, like one arm cinder block presses on a balance board, grabs, spins and jumps on Indo Boards or just substituting swiss balls for chairs.IMG_1467


Once I guinea pig a modality, research it, study,  guinea pig and develop mastery,  its time to pass it along and share and spread the stoke! Clients from all walks of life loved it. People with sedentary jobs loved it, kids who were chained to desks all day loved it and athletes loved it too. They not only loved it, but they were getting stronger, more mobile and confident. And they put it into their own practices, and worked out their own workarounds, games and routines. I also introduced many to the practice of substituting balance boards or balls for desks or chairs.


                                                ***Photo Courtesy of Indo Board***

Balance training is core training… far more than silly crunches or isolative exercises that load up your spine more than anything. There have been numerous conclusive studies proving the benefits of training in regards to neuromuscular control and functional performance.


I realize now that balance training is one of my specialties at Mocean365. Time flies by and its been about 20 years since those first days on my friends balance boards started to change my perspective! Now as an “aging athlete”, it is more vital than ever to incorporate. I am sure to continually progress and keep my brain as engaged as possible. IMG_1821

Balance training in my opinion could be incorporated into every single persons movement practice whether you are 10 or 60, healthy or deep in the throes of an illness or coming back from a serious injury. It is all about applying balance training with your ability and current physical condition. If you have a broken leg, you can practice juggling. If you have a broken arm you can challenge yourself on a Swiss ball or slackline.


So if you are not incorporating balance work into your life, I implore you to do so. It could be simple as a walking down a 2×4 that costs less than $3. Once you master basics, slowly add professions…walk backwards, close your eyes, walk sideways, contralateral crawls, do medicine ball tosses with a friend..mix it up as you master..and the great thing about it is, you Will be having Fun so I won’t have to remind you of that@!

hilary and jane






Join us for the 30 Day Mocean365 Triple M Challenge

                                                  Mocean365 Triple M Challenge


A 30 day challenge dedicated to implementing daily physical movement, meditation, and mastery(learning).



Move-Vigorous and skillful daily movement geared to help you elevate. Minimum of 30 min daily total (that can be split up into mini sessions if need be).


Mastery-Learning a new skill(s) for 30 days. Learning is one of the greatest things we can do for our bodies..from head to toe. Remember all learning is physical..we are driving new neurons at an absolute minimum. Examples of this would be: Juggling,  teach yourself to draw/paint, try playing an instrument, learn to do wheelies or manuals, new language, ride a unicycle, tango dancing. You can mix it up between skills if you absolutely need but remember, we are looking for some tangible progress  so maybe keep it somewhat focused on 1-3 skills max.   Minimum of 15 mins per day


Meditation-Mindfulness practice every day for 30 days. Minimum of 5 minutes per day. For most people, this will me the most difficult but most surely, extremely important!



*Write it all down..-buy a journal/notebook and dedicate it to this challenge(and future ones too). It can help to track feelings, obstacles and things you are learning along the way. Write down your 3 M details each day! Making notebooks distinctly yours has helped others..customize at will!

*Grab a friend-Nothing like a good friend, coworker, family member to share in your adventure and build accountability.

*Stay inspired– Surround yourself with inspiration as much as possible. This might mean jamming to the theme of Rocky every morning, watching inspiring films or reading uplifting literature.

*Tell the world-Let people know you are doing this and ask for help if you need it. This will build accountability may even inspire others to follow your lead=positive change!


                                                             FAQ and Resources

Why 30 days?-Numerous studies have proven that it takes 30 days to form or break a habit. Also when we chose to do something seen as unpleasant(by some?) such as daily exercise, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel if its only 30 days.

Meditation guideline-There are so many but here is one


                                                  Movement Resources

MovNat– The top Human Movement Skills System in the world.

Exuberant Animal-A wonderful resource for everyone interested in human origins and movement.

Skillful movement and Mastery ideas-Check out Stephen Jepson a 75 year old man with a very awesome lifestyle, check this video

Check out the be somebody blog to see how passion can pave the way!



When does it start? This challenge will begin on March 14th and end on April 12th.



Iggy Pop and Josh Homme – Gardenia | #PostPopDepression” on YouTube

The world has gone mad! Bruce Jenner is woman of the year, Donald the rump Trump is chump of the year. Pop is in as is fluff and helicoptering parents and Lemmy is fucking dead. And Bowie R.I.P….. God help us..but there still is Josh Homme.. our icon of all things Rock and groove and mother F&$&&ing Roll. Whether he is rocking out with Queens of the Stone Age, playing drums and producing Eagles of Death metal or playing with John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl in Them Crooked Vultures, Homme is the man. It takes a real man to recognize a real man and he sees one in Iggy Pop. Which is

why he and Iggy(along with Hommes cast of rippers from QOTSA and Arctic Monkeys) are blowing minds with their new collaboration.

Check yourself before Iggy wrecks himself..they are going on tour too so get on it and see this cuz it’s all gonna blow up soon man! Post Pop Depression,’ tour go get some!


Living Life Alive

I first heard this term, “living life alive” from singer/songwriter, Heather Maloney whom my good friend was managing at the time. It was 2009 and we were doing a photo/video shoot  and when she sang it for my camera, it sent shivers down my spine.

Living a passion based life and inspiring others has kind of been “my thing” I guess, but her words really shook me up. What do they mean? Aren’t we all alive? Is this New Age hogwash?

Well it clearly would mean different things to different people. If  you are living on the streets without a bed or money or any comforts, you are very much alive everyday and the grim reality might feel overwhelming. But what about you? What would it look like to you to decide right here and right now to “Live life alive”?? A choice to follow your dreams instead of a never ending “To Do” list. Choosing to let inspiration guide your way. Becoming the leader you have always wanted to be but haven’t had the courage to. Stepping it up, taking risks.


It’s amazing what words can do. What they can change in us and in turn, others by our actions.  The internet is full of words and images and inspiring opportunities but its almost too much to grasp. But these simple 3 words, Live Life Alive, break down complexity and get back to foundational human purpose.

I often stray from the path though.  The journey gets skewed usually because the struggle for financial security. My friends who have plenty of money always say it’s me who is “living the dream”. Most often its true, but the ugly head of finances and related fiscal issues can rear up and push me off the road. Its then when a simple mantra can help reestablish connection to the real goal. To Live Life Alive. Thank you Heather. Go check out her work here.

All pictures and words by Skye Nacel/Mocean365.

Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead

You owe it to yourself right to get a shiny new bike this year! Fresh start, new trails, the clean new bike smell..



Guerrilla Gravity is making a new model called the Pedalhead(R.I.P. Lemmy) that will be delivering in February that will let you shred like Akrigg..ok maybe not but you can try! The big tires will allow this to be used in sand, snow, mud etc and opens up all kinds of adventure potential. Plus, Guerrilla Gravity makes everything by hand right in Denver and you can even customize your frame and build.


Here are some details on the bike too..(courtesy of

The Pedalhead is the adventure hardtail built for everything from crushing singletrack miles, getting rad around town, or as an all-around play bike.

Frame Features:

  • Custom SmashMoly square-profile steel tube stock
  • Laterally and torsionally stiff, yet vertically compliant for trail chatter
  • Roomy cockpit designed for wide bars and short stems
  • Threaded bottom bracket, greatly reduces creaking and loosening (vs press fit)
  • Run 27.5 Plus tires or 29ers; maybe even get both wheelsets!
  • Custom seat tube allows for a more natural cockpit feel
  • Low bottom bracket and short chainstays for maximizing fun
  • Universal Syntace axle and derailleur hanger
  • Bottle mount in front triangle
  • 6 lbs. (2,721g) frame with hardware (size Medium, no shock)

Frame Fittings:

  • 31.6 mm seatpost (seat binder clamp) with stealth dropper routing
  • 44mm Head Tube, fits tapered steerer tubes
  • ISCG05 chainguide mount
  • 73mm BSA threaded BB shell
  • 55mm chainline
  • ISO brake caliper mount
  • 12×148 rear axle, offset 3mm to the driveside for optimal chainline and clearance
  • Max tire size: 27.5 x 3.0
  • Max tire size: 29 x 2.5

And what is all of that without geometry numbers??

Sizing Guide 5’3″ – 5’8″ 5’9″ – 6′ 6’1 – 6’4″ 6’4 – 6’8″
HA 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5
SA – Effective 74 74 74 74
SA – Actual 75 75 75 75
BB – Tire Size Dependent 12 – 12.4″ 12 – 12.4″ 12 – 12.4″ 12 – 12.4″
Effective Top Tube** 23.8″ 24.8″ 25.8″ 26.8″
Reach 165″ 17.5″ 18.5″ 19.5″
Stack 24.8″ 25.3″ 25.9″ 26.5″
Wheelbase** 44.9″ 45.9″ 46.9″ 47.9″
Standover 25″ 25.5″ 26″ 26.5″
Chainstay 16.5″ 16.5″ 16.5″ 16.5″
Headtube Height 3.9″ 4.5″ 5.1″ 5.9″
Seat Tube Height 16.5″ 18″ 19.5″ 21″


We were able to see this beauty when we were in Moab and its stunning.Its so good even mayors of towns are riding them..below is the mayor of Castle Rock Colorado who will be riding it in an upcoming race!





Age of the Farmer

Since we grew up on a small family farm and currently live on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, this film resonates. Baby steps is all it takes. And if you don’t want to, or aren’t able to do it yourself(farm), then buying from folks like this is one way to make a change for the positive.

Found the video over at our friends at

Directed/Edited by Spencer MacDonald (
Produced/Masterminded by Eva Verbeeck (


picture above by Megan Walsh/RootsWise

Truly inspiring video that might change your day(or life)

The interweb is alive these days with inspiring videos. Its almost overwhelming at times really. With this in mind, you would think that people that engage with these videos would have constant sources of inspiration and therefore, be inspired eh?!

But like anything in excess..It is probably just too much for many and they are left with questions and doubts..”Where do i begin”, “How can i afford that”, “I can’t do it”..etc etc.

This video is one of those that would seem is best to watch, then absorb..completely, then act upon what you just saw. But really its up to you..!

This video was created by Great Big Story. Here is an overview.

It’s like flying on a cloud,” says 77-year-old kite surfer David Cummings. After his wife died of breast cancer just two days after her chemotherapy began, Cummings decided to seize life by the reigns and began kite surfing and snowboarding. The Englishman has been kite surfing for the past four and hopes heaven resembles his daily routine of gearing up and letting the kite pull him across the ocean.

The Greatest Biking Video Ever?!

Danny MacAskill has outdone himself! The Scottish trials rider has truly taken it to the next level with his latest edit. You might remember Danny in his other videos such as the revolutionary and stunning Imaginate . In this movie he recreated a childhood fantasy scene where he was actually doing things he used to dream about. The result is breathtaking and more remarkably, was done not long after he had Serious back surgery.

The new project Cascadia is set in Gran Canaria, Spain which is perfect really, with bright and colorful urban elements set next to the powerful sea. Its really the creativity of his riding and witnessing an athlete at his absolute best. Its like Ali or Jordan in their prime when their mastery of sport was a sight to behold. in this film, you really might not believe what he is doing is possible but alas, IT IS!

This movie was just released and it will surely be another one that millions see..check it out for yourself!

Move your body in way you want.

Movement should be fun and creative, can we all agree on that?  The point is, the way you move your body is own it. And if you want to get serious about your approach to living a life dedicated to movement and adventure, then it begins with you..doing it and in a way that aligns with YOU. People start the journey but often think the Way must be brutal and not fun. Its not true. It will be hard, no doubt anytime we really have to exert ourselves or push past a barrier it can tough. That does not mean it can’t or won’t be enjoyable and that you are not in control. You are, very much in control.

Below is an old video that we did showcasing some paralletes we made then experimented with. No manuals for this or anything, we were just playing around and getting stronger in the process.


<p><a href=”″>The Mocean Project uses Parallettes.</a> from <a href=””>Mocean365 Media Production</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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