Mocean365 Movement System

We have many influences from our own life experience as well as constantly evolving research that we keep up with to continually develop curriculum. Despite all of the research and studies, we most often align with our ancestral and foundational roots. As Skye often says, “more than likely a monk in a cave did all of this before us”. Here are some of primary influences and elements you can expect to experience if you move with Mocean365.

Conscious Breathing-Modern living has created EXTREME living situations that are so beyond our grasp, that they are causing havoc and STRESS within our systems. One power we all have within us, is the ability to take control of our breathing and this is where we start at Mocean365. Diaphragmatic breathing shouldn’t even need to be called by name as the diaphragm IS our primary breathing muscle but it has become some sort of mystery to most. The diaphragm is so connected to our True Core and our Elemental Movers from the Psoas, spine, Transverse Abdominus, the liver and even our heart heart. Benefits of diaphragmatic breathing are immense and range from optimized nervous systems to increased O2 capacity, stress reduction, energy production, reduced neck and shoulder pain, sports performance and much more. It is a true antidote!

True Core Development-When many think of “the core”, they think of outdated moves like sit-ups, crunches or planks. Much of this approach was designed to focused on the superficial muscles versus the intrinsic. It also dismisses many far more important areas like the structure of our hips, pelvis/pelvic floor, glutes/posterior chain and much more. We start with mastering intrinsic control and utilizing the bodies onboard system of control and moving towards optimal joint centration.

Contact Point Development-Our hands and feet have created most of our world from day one. This fact has been lost on many as we have moved into a pedicured culture with no grip strength. There have been numerous studies linking grip strength with mortality rates so this means contact point development can mean survival!

Perception Systems- This is where we really work on our  ability to process sensory information and to be in terrain and to adapt to challenges. Coordination is often as much about how we process where  and how we fit into an environment.

Nature-Terrain, Elements, Climate-There are numerous studies linking the benefits of exposure to nature and we feel it has never been more important than right now. If we analyze a modern training facility, we see lots of smooth surfaces and very little variability. With no variability, we potentially lose our adaptability.

Skill-Based-Instead of mindless reps, we work on mindful attempts.

Laterality– We are wired in a way that determines our side dominance and how our limbs coordinate. It is easy to develop compensations due to this as well. We also work on lots of contralateral moves to reinforce our innate movement patterns.

“Do a little a lot”– Pavel T famously came up with the term, “Grease the Groove’. This concept is one we agree with on many levels. What good is telling someone the only way to reach their performance goals, is to do only a specified amount of time? Life doesn’t work that way for everyone and it is important to recognize. There is also some pretty compelling scientific evidence that shows short concentrated bouts of movement can be extremely effective and allows more time for the growth process which is recovery.

Play and Fun- Play equals survival. Look at how young animals like lions play and see how that gets carried over into their survival as they move into adulthood. Humans have always used this as well though we can argue today, that has changed dramatically from its organic origins.

Partner/Community- Ubuntu-“I am strong because we are strong”. This African based life philosophy is a large influence for us here at Mocean365 as well as with one of our great teachers and mentors, Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal. The variablity of another human is just hard to replicate and offers a plethora of movement challenges. Joy should also never be discredited in a world that views movement as exercise/drudgery. Why would we have a poor mindset about something that can be so rad?!

Mocean365 featured in Eugene Weekly

Here is an story the Eugene Weekly did on our MovNat Coaching we offer. It was in the print issue as well, thank you EW and to my awesome crew, Meg and Hopi!

Into the Woods


Mocean365 in Northwest in Motion

Pretty honored to be interviewed by this amazing entity, Northwest in Motion. They share a very similar philosophy and it was an incredible experience to talk to them. Check out the story and go browse their site..after you have gotten outside of course!

Skills, Action, & Stoke w/ Skye Nacel

Steel Mace Workshop Series with Mocean365 at Wild Light Yoga Center

Join us this winter for a maces and mocean event,  starting January 12th .   1-3:30. This will be an intensive workshop where you will be moving and exploring and learning for 2.5 hours. Learn ways to develop your own movement practice as well as an in depth intro to the steel mace. Very affordable pricing too. Signup here

Grounding with Mocean365

I have been a firm believer in being barefoot or close to it for many years and in turn,  sharing this with others. This was an instinctive and learned process first and foremost, meaning I didn’t find out about the benefits via science or research in a book. It just worked in my “guinea pigging” and made me feel good. As the years went on, i began researching more and learning about the science and there were many studies done lauding the benefits.  Many, many years later I also was introduced to Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal and studied his method with him(and still do) and met and moved with some of his tribe, including Mick Dodge, the Barefoot Sensei.

Then came along the trend of being barefoot and the landmark book by Chris McDougall, Born to Run. I tried out barefoot style shoes and my message was easier to spread as the book opened peoples minds to the concept of barefoot training. Corporations  of course jumped on board the “trend” and began producing shoes to replicate natural patterns. These same corporations that had been selling the opposite for many years.

It wasn’t too long before reports started coming in that people were getting injured and having serious problems due to being barefoot. (In reality a very small amount). Much of this of course was because sedentary people were jumping on the bandwagon and not progressively scaling their training. The sneaker giants also saw this movement as a threat to their empires so the corporate giants responded by returning to producing even greater cushioned, shock absorber shoes so the kooks wouldn’t get hurt. You could just 4×4 through the woods and never stub a toe again and run on air…ha!

Many of us never stopped though and continue to not only use the benefits of bare footing but also bare handing(not using gloves in settings they are traditionally used in) and other forms of Grounding. The science of grounding is here, finally with over 20 studies concluding that grounding has numerous benefits including possibly most importantly, fighting dis-ease. The benefits are absolutely widespread in all levels of life!  It is widely known that inflammation is the root cause of most disease. Grounding has a direct impact against inflammation via an electrical process.  Simply put, within regular proper doses of grounding, there will be a dramatic reduction in inflammation due to laws of electricity. We are electrical beings, plain and simple and we are electron deficient. THIS IS A PROBLEM!

This documentary, The Science of Grounding is simply a must watch. Science has proven the benefits of Grounding plain and simple and you can ground on your own with no cost. No one selling you anything..maybe that is the reason few are responding? This isn’t hippie shit, this is real and very much worth all of our time especially with all of the negative effects of cell phones, wi fi, blue tooth etc.


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