The Shovel experiment at The Mocean Project

So we are currently caretaking for two properties, and one is right in the heart of snow country and has a long sloping dirt driveway that is about 150 feet long. Last year our plowing bill here was upwards of $400. that is a lot of money and its a lot of potential movement thatsContinue reading “The Shovel experiment at The Mocean Project”

Slackline adventures

Need another great way to move, have fun while improving all around balance, coordination and poise? check out Slacklining. Meg and I have grabbed a Gibbon Slackline and began trying to figure it out. The other night we made a big fire and had some friends over and set it up and had a blast.Continue reading “Slackline adventures”

The case for NOT going to the gym

Its amazing to me the amount of people i talk to who say “i want to move, but i do NOT want to go to the gym”. “The gym”. As if its a place where all people have to go to “get fit”. and be stared at and to be forced to move in singleContinue reading “The case for NOT going to the gym”

The Mocean Project is live and running!

  The Mocean Project was initially conceived in 2008 but the timing wasn’t right. The time is NOW! Meg and I are very excited to raise awareness mostly in the area of physical movement and making the most of our short lives. We live in a crazy world where obesity is now an epidemic, depression andContinue reading “The Mocean Project is live and running!”