S   LOOPTWORKS Secret Agents: Meg and Skye LOOPTWORKS is excited to introduce Meg and Skye, two individuals dedicated to the power of carpe diem. Definitely check out their blog – they’ve got some seriously addictive video browsing and of course Mocean Mate´ – their herbal motion potion. Hailing from the beautiful state of Vermont, […]

Mountain Movement

Yesterday Skye and I headed up in the hills to do some exploring. We bushwhacked our way up some super steep terrain only to stumble upon some incredible opportunities in a beautiful space to move our bodies the way they were designed to; to train in a primal way….we climbed, crawled, balanced, jumped, and pulled. […]

Self Myofascial Massage

Self Myofascial Massage is something Skye and I try to practice on a regular basis.  In fact, I just finished up a 30 minute session! Although not a new concept by any stretch, it seems to be popping up in popularity these days across the spectrum of movement enthusiasts, alternative therapists and those looking to […]