Mountain Movement

Yesterday Skye and I headed up in the hills to do some exploring. We bushwhacked our way up some super steep terrain only to stumble upon some incredible opportunities in a beautiful space to move our bodies the way they were designed to; to train in a primal way….we climbed, crawled, balanced, jumped, and pulled.Continue reading “Mountain Movement”

Self Myofascial Massage

Self Myofascial Massage is something Skye and I try to practice on a regular basis.  In fact, I just finished up a 30 minute session! Although not a new concept by any stretch, it seems to be popping up in popularity these days across the spectrum of movement enthusiasts, alternative therapists and those looking toContinue reading “Self Myofascial Massage”

Finding an Adventure Anywhere at Anytime

Adventure is whatever you want it to be.  Adventure is the journey.  Adventure is exploring and opening yourself up to whatever comes your way and at the same time it is going out and seeking newness in everything you do.  It can be so simple.  It doesn’t have to cost a dime and you oftenContinue reading “Finding an Adventure Anywhere at Anytime”