Movement & Mocean Retreat

Stoked to be offering a two day retreat on the Oregon coast with Paleena Moyer aka The Movement Junkie. Paleena is an amazing Mind Body Integrative Therapist. She specializes in releasing trauma, pain, and building safety within our bodies. She is also an amazing outdoor athlete including time as a sponsored snowboarder and many yearsContinue reading “Movement & Mocean Retreat”

Happy Solstice 21′-Now Go Play!

At Mocean365 we celebrate and revel in play! In the modern world it is hard to admit sometimes as we are obsessed with Work. hanging out a desk all day work?(I kid I kid)!..Or is putting an immense amount of physical effort into something playful..actually work? Who the f*ck knows but I do knowContinue reading “Happy Solstice 21′-Now Go Play!”

Human Rights and Civil Liberties?

Ready to tune in to some of the current world events that may not be covered by the cute little mainstream media? As much as I would rather focus on my true mission of outdoor movement adventure and would be doing a major disservice to ignore the reality for some of our fellow tribeContinue reading “Human Rights and Civil Liberties?”

Beautiful Inspiring Film About The Long Game

This film is more than a mountain bike movie. I have seen the subject over the years many times in various locations from east to west. He has been on a journey, his own and it transcends the endeavor that he mostly uses to see the world..which happens to be mountain biking. I see itContinue reading “Beautiful Inspiring Film About The Long Game”